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Tethering and hot spot standard features on the Nexus S

December 17, 2010

Great news it’s official the Samsung Nexus S is coming with tethering and wi-fi hot spot built into the OS. No more unlocking or hacking to get these features to work on your phone. Sprint and Verizon have already blocked these services on their phones. This is a great step in the right direction allowing users to have the features they always wanted.


If you are not familiar with tethering it allows you to connect your computer other other device to your phone so that it can be used to connect to your 3g/4g data plan. Unfortunately you have to connect through USB right now. I am sure in no time developers will allow you to connect via bluetooth or wi-fi.

Wi-Fi Hot Spot

This feature allows you to use the Nexus S as an Internet connection point for up to 5 other devices and you don’t need a usb cable. To activate simply visit the settings menu in the phone and under the default network SSID is “AndroidAP”. Don’t forget to secure the connection so that you don’t get an unauthorized users using your bandwidth.

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